This is an analog project. Save for this bit of digital real estate where we can gather and share our journeys, Tales of Gnostic Beauty lives in the real world. As such, the success of this project depends upon you. Yes, you personally. I know I typed a letter at the beginning outlining instructions on what to do with the book. The Gnosis hidden in its pages is yours to keep, but the book itself must be shared. It must be passed on. There are no Amazon sites, eBook downloads, or trips to Barnes and Noble to pick up an extra copy. The copy you have is one of a very limited number. Each one painstakingly printed and bound by hand. It was done this way by design. This way each person who receives it gets to pass it along to someone whom they think will benefit from it. You were chosen and now you get to choose. So please, for the love of Sophia, help keep the Tales of Gnostic Beauty alive. And please, fill out the contact form or email at with your experiences, wishes, dreams, nightmares–with your narrative–and I will add them to our electronic sanctuary.

If you have come across this page and haven’t seen a copy of Tales of Gnostic Beauty but would like one to help share the story, fill out the contact form or email me at and I will do what I can to send one your way. And if your Machine can’t let it go also send me an email and I will see what I can do about getting you one to keep. But remember that this isn’t the way and if the journey stops with you, it isn’t much of a journey at all. I defer to the better judgment of your soul.

As always, walk in Gnosis and remember your soul.

With all my love,