Gnostic Linguistics

Words. They are everything. They create our reality. We interact with the Empire through words. So it makes sense that the Empire would take the power of words for itself, leaving us to interpret them as it sees fit. Words are symbols that become things. Words are thoughts and sounds that contain power. This is why reading and writing were so esteemed in ancient cultures. But as I said above, the power of words is something that has been taken from us when we were put under the Magician’s spell.  Now we take that power back. Below is a list of English letters broken down into Gnostic terms. The exercise is to take the letters and make words with new meanings, ones charged with power and meaning. Ones which power cannot be removed, altered, or subject to the memory hole. Get up, SEEKER, and speak power.



A is for the Absolute. The root and beginning of all things.

B is for Barbelo, the First and Mother Aeon. She is the incomprehensible womb, the unrestraind and unmeasurable Voice.

C is for Cunning. Ours is the way of the Sly Man. Escape from the Black Iron Prison is hard and dangerous work, we must be aware and act accordingly.

D is for Daring. Bravery and Courage are two traits of Spiritual Warriors and Gnostic Seekers. Face what comes and do not flinch.

E is for Eternal. Our everlasting Spritis that long to return home. We will be food for no hungry archons.

F is for Fire. The Alchemical Element that burns away the lead so only gold remains. We understand this as the purpose of our suffering.

G is for Gnostic. The Seeker of Secrets. The Warrior for Gnosis and the Slayer of Serpents.

H is for Hydrogens. The finer energy that fuels our Spirit and nourishes the growth of our Soul.

I is for Inner Body. The vessel that becomes the Soul. It is the Inner World, the Paradise within you that cultivates your Soul.

J is for Jesus Christ. He who came before and will come again. He is our advocate and lights the Way back to the Golden City

K is for Kronos. Saturn. The Black Cube that has become our Iron Prison.

L is for Love. The ever-pervading power that drives the universe.

M is for Mystery. We seek the answers to things that are hidden.

N is for Nous. The Higher Intelligence that guides us. The Voice that imparts Gnosis.

O is for One. It is me and I am One. Sovereign Indivicual with a liberated Spirit.

P is for Praver that is our connection to the Absolute. Not vain pleas or hollow words, but finding the quiet place within and being there.

Q is for quiet. Open up and keep on climbing. But do so in silence, free from the chatter of external distractions.

R is for Righetous. We keep ourselves humble and kind, but hold to our convictions. It’s our Shield. 

S is for Sophia. Our Aeon. Our Wisdom. Our Mother. And the creator of our Prison.

T is for Training. Now is not the time to be lazy in our Spiritual Work.

U is for Union. The Divine Syzygy. The Outer becomes the Inner and the Inner becomes the Outer.

V is for Victory. Win battles first, the war wages on. But know we’ve already won.

W is for Wisdom. The Gnosis that is the gift of Sophia. It is our blade, our weapon forged against the darkness.

X is for Gebo. The exchange of gifts. Spiritual communication and giving freely from our inner worlds.

Y is for Yaldabaoth. The demiurge and chief warden of the Black Iron Prison. He is the blind, insane creator of our fallen world. Defiler of Sophia. Devourer of Spirit.

Z is for Zeitgeist. The Spirit of our Time. The collective delusion of humanity that we must escape.

Now start simple. Build small words and see the depth within.



Inner World


The Gnostic cultivates his Inner World to return to Barbelo. This is huge.





No explanation necessary. LOL

Keep Seeking and



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